Best Metroland Bars

From the Metroland Blog:

Best Bar

1. The Ruck

2. The Barrell Saloon

3. McGeary’s Pub

Y’all really, really love the Ruck. For so many reasons.

Best Hook-Up Bar

1. The Ruck

2. (tie) The Lionhart, Stout

4. Bootlegger’s

This was a landslide. Best bar, best beer, best wings AND best tail.

Best Gay Bar

1. (tie) Oh Bar, Waterworks Pub

3. Rocks

We love these places too, but where are the gay bars outside of Albany?

Best Wine Bar

1. Lucas Confectionary

2. Wine Bar & Bistro

3. Mio Vino

Its big, big win shows, again, that Lucas Confectionary has become a central part of the happening scene in Troy.

Best Happy Hour

1. The Ruck

2. (tie) McGeary’s, Bombers Burrito Bar

4. Wheatfields

The Ruck’s the one when work is done. What with all the beer and wings and hookin’ up.

Best Bar Staff

1. McGeary’s Pub

2. The Ruck

3. (tie) Finnbar, Brown’s Brewing Company

“Tess Collins and her staff are friendly, fun and great at their jobs. That’s why they always win here.”


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