“Metroland is not a location. It is a state of mind.”

A quote from the 1997 British comedy-drama movie Metroland. Starring Christian Bale.

Metroland is not even in the dictionary. There is reference to it in Wikipedia:

“MetroCentre (shopping centre)
The Intu Metrocentre, formerly MetroCentre and known on road signs as Metro Centre, is a shopping centre in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, England.

Located in Dunston, Gateshead, on a former industrial site near to the River Tyne, the Metrocentre opened in stages, with the first phase opening on 28 April 1986 and the official opening on 14 October 1986. It has more than 340 shops occupying 2,000,000 square feet (190,000 m2) of retail floor space, making it the largest shopping and leisure centre in the UK. Additional retail space is available in the adjoining Metro Retail Park and MetrOasis.

The centre was rebranded as intu Metrocentre in 2013 following the renaming of its parent Capital Shopping Centres Group as Intu Properties.”

An article from 2008 in a U.k. based website known as Digital Spy:

‘Farewell to another theme park, Metroland (this one is indoors)
Metroland, the theme park inside the UK’s biggest shopping centre, the MetroCentre is to close its doors for the last time on Sunday 20th April

The free entry attraction which opened just over 20 years ago at a cost of £20m operates 12 major rides, including a rollercoaster, as well as numerous amusement arcades, bingo areas and food areas

Despite large local opposition, Capital Shopping Centres have had plans to flatten the theme park approved and replace it with an Odeon Cinema (which is currently situated in another part of the mall)

For anyone interested there’s going to be a huge sell off of the park’s attractions. They are literally selling everything from the rollercoaster to the pebbles in the parks waterfall.”

Washington D.C. has a transit system known as The Metro as does Boston, Massachusetts.

There is also a 1981 song known as The Metro by the American New-Wave band Berlin.

But all-in-all, it would seem that the British have the biggest lock on the word Metro or Metroland.

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